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Dikajee releases mesmerising new video for Misery

Former Russian-based folk progger Dikajee will release full-length debut album Forget~Me~Nots in August



Dikajee, the former Russian-based folk progger, has released a mesmerising new video for Misery, which you can watch in full below. The song is taken from Dikajee’s debut album Forget~Me~Nots which was released earlier this year.

“This song is some kind of an artistic statement about embracing the dark times just as any other time – this is also a part of our life and often the most inspiring for artists,” Dikajee explains. “Mental health disorders are becoming more and more talked about and that’s really good. And I hear and read a lot about giving yourself time to live through hard times and feel what you feel. If you’re sad – take your time to be sad. If you are angry –  admit it and let it be. Anger is probably even more stigmatised than tears (especially for women I guess).
“And this song is about how I do that. It’s my recipe. Misery doesn’t take away your dignity or ability to be happy in the future. Misery is just misery, everyone has some. And it will pass just like anything else.” 

Forget~Me~Nots was recorded and produced in Norway, Portugal, Germany, France, Latvia, Russia, and features guest appearances from Faun’s Fiona Rüggeberg (bagpipes), Klone’s Guillaume Bernard (guitars), Erik Truffaz’s Artis Orubs (drums) and Amber Foil’s João Filipe (guitars) among others.

Dikajee has previously released videos for Forest , River Rites and Lily Of The Valley.

Get Forget~Me~Nots.