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Dikajee shares video for new single In The Blink Of An Eye

Former Russia-based folk progger Dikajee released her full-length debut album Forget~Me~Nots last year



Former Russian-based musician Dikajee has released a haunting new video for the In The Blink Of An Eye, which you can watch below. The song is taken from Dikajee’s debut album Forget~Me~Nots which was released in August of last year

“This song is a triumph of escapism, it has no purpose, no morality, it’s just a pure emotion of disappointment, desperation and anxiety,” Dikajee explains. “I wrote a sketch for it in 2020 and got back to it in 2022. When the world hurts so bad, you hide under your bed, like a child. You just want to close your eyes and pretend that this is not really happening, to stop feeling what you feel, stop hearing what you hear, stop worrying, just hide in your world.

“You want to gain some energy to wake up and try to be a better person, to share your energy and do what you can to make someone else feel better. The song itself has a rather tricky harmony and measurements and may actually feel like a dancing song. But it’s a very, very sad song.”

Forget~Me~Nots was recorded and produced in Norway, Portugal, Germany, France, Latvia, Russia, and features guest appearances from Faun’s Fiona Rüggeberg (bagpipes), Klone’s Guillaume Bernard (guitars), Erik Truffaz’s Artis Orubs (drums) and Amber Foil’s João Filipe (guitars) among others.

Dikajee has previously released videos for Forest , River Rites, Misery, Glorious Beautiful Magical and Lily Of The Valley.

Get Forget~Me~Nots.