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Dr Dre’s hip hop classic Forgot About Dre gets the nu metal cover it should have had 20 years ago

Dr Dre and Eminem’s 2000 hit Forgot About Dre is reimagined as a nu metal song



Hip hop artists didn’t come much bigger in the late 90s and early 00s than former NWA rapper Dr Dre and his superstar protégé Eminem. The pair’s No Doubt-sampling collaboration Forgot About Dre was so inescapable back in 200 that it’s a wonder some rap-loving nu metal chancers didn’t hop on the bandwagon and cover it.

Fast-forward 21 years, and that situation has been rectified. YouTuber Anthony Vincent has turned in a heavied-up, downtuned version of Forgot About Dre that takes us right back to the days of oversized jeans, wallet chains and other ill-advised fashion choices.

You might recognise Vincent’s name – until recently, he was best known as the Ten Second Songs guy, but now he appears to have embarked on an equally entertaining career covering old hip hop songs in different styles. Whatever he’s doing, let’s keep it coming. Now where did we put Snoop Dogg’s number? We need to hook these guys up…