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Drowning Pool’s ‘Bodies’ reworked as a happy-clappy nursery school singalong is a work of evil genius

You’ll never hear nu-metal anthem ‘Bodies’ in the same way again after hearing it reimagined as a kids playgroup singalong



We regret to inform you that the evil geniuses at the There I Ruined It YouTube channel are at it again.

Not content with fucking up perfectly good songs by Nirvana (reworking Come As You Are as a swing track), Johnny Cash (putting a disco spin on The Man In Black’s classic Folsom Prison Blues) and Aerosmith (just you wait to hear what they’ve done with Walk This Way) now they’re determined to ensure that no-one will ever listen to Drowning Pool’s aggro nu-metal dancefloor filler Bodies in the same way ever again. 

The sick fucks have taken the high point of the Dallas, Texas band’s 2001 debut studio album, Sinner, and intercut it with audio and visuals from a bunch of children whoopin’ and a hollerin’ at some age-appropriate entertainment, adding in colourful cartoon graphics for added pre-school appeal. Written as a paean to moshpit culture, and its unique etiquette and moral code, and frequently aired wherever shirtless sweaty steroid-gobbling men flaunt their heterosexual machismo by bumping chests with other shirtless sweaty steroid-gobbling men, Bodies has now been transformed into some sort of twinkly, tinkly, happy-clappy singalong for nursery school students. For shame! 

We at Metal Hammer cannot endorse this sort of manipulative tomfoolery and are only reporting upon it so that our valued readers can steer well clear. Unless you‘re three-years-old, in which case, grab some pots and pans and a couple of wooden spoons from the kitchen and let’s fucking do this.