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Enjoy three months of Tidal HiFi Plus for just $2/£2

Christmas has come early with this amazing Tidal deal: Get three months of Tidal HiFi Plus for $2/£2 or Tidal HiFi for $1/£1



If you’ve been pursuing our guide to the best music streaming services but have yet to take the plunge, we’ve spotted a sweet-sounding deal which might help in your decision making. For a limited time, Tidal are offering three months of Tidal HiFi for just $1/£1 and if you want to up the audio quality, you can grab three months of Tidal HiFi Plus for $2/£2.   

This is a brilliant way to try Tidal out if you’ve been sitting on the fence. After the 90 day promotion period wraps up, you’ll be charged $9.99/£9.99 for Tidal HiFi or $19.99/£19.99 for Tidal HiFi Plus. This offer is only available to new Tidal subscribers.

Logging into Tidal HiFi will give you access to more than 80 million tracks and 350,000 videos with audio quality up to 1411 kbps. If you’re looking to up your game, a Tidal HiFi Plus subscription will give you all the songs and videos from the previous tier, but with audio quality up to 9216 kbps.

That means access to Master Quality audio, Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Reality Audio and HiFi. This tier also features the Direct Artist Payouts scheme, where up to 10% of your sub will go direct to the artists you listen to most.

Tidal also recent revealed that in early 2022, Fan-Centered Royalties will kick in, which will ensure that the artists you love to listen to will be paid based on your streaming habits.

In a statement, Tidal said: “With Tidal HiFi Plus, artists will see a significantly higher per-play-rate than the standard rate of other streaming services. Fan-Centered Royalties will not be aggregated. Instead, royalties will go to the artists that Tidal users actually stream, so fans can directly support the artists they love. Fans will start to see their streams add up in their activity feed in January 2022.

“With support from the vast majority of our record label and distributor partners, Tidal is going beyond current industry standards to make royalty payments more transparent for artists and rights holders.”

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