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“Even if I invite them, I’m not sure if they would really show up.” Babymetal’s Moametal wants to host a dinner party with Metallica, Maneskin, Tom Morello and Bring Me The Horizon

We’d love to be a fly on the wall for this dinner party, that’s for sure!



Babymetal star on the cover of the blockbuster latest edition of Metal Hammer magazine, and inside the Japanese kawaii metal trio discuss the arrival of newest member Momometal, who explains the intense emotions she felt at officially joining the band after spending years as a backing dancer, as well as their latest album The Other One and what the future might yet hold for one of modern metal’s most unique acts.

Elsewhere in the interview, Moametal reveals the rock icons she’d want at her dream dinner party, and the list makes for an eye-watering, A-lister-stacked read.

“Even if I invite them, I’m not sure if they would really show up,” she says modestly, “but I’d love to invite Metallica. I’d love to tell them how much I’m into their new album, 72 Seasons. It’s such an incredible album! I’d also love to invite Tom Morello, who played the guitar solo for us on our new song [METALI!!]! So if Tom Morello is coming, I hope he invites one of my favourite bands, Måneskin, who he also collaborated on a different song [Gossip]!

“Oh, and I definitely need to invite Bring Me The Horizon and ONE OK ROCK!” she adds. “In Japan, we have a TV programme on December 31 called Kōhaku Uta Gassen, and we were given the opportunity to collaborate with X Japan’s Yoshiki, and so I would love to invite him. I also want Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington to be there too, because I’ve always wanted to meet him. There’s just an endless list of people I want to invite…! Although I say that, I’m a pretty shy person and I think my English is not my forte, so even though I invited all these guests, I wouldn’t feel confident talking! Ha ha ha!”

To read more from Moametal and the rest of the Babymetal crew, make sure you pick up the latest edition of Metal Hammer, out now.