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Ever wondered what Smoke On The Water would sound like if it was on Metallica’s St. Anger album? No? Well here it is anyway

Deep Purple’s 1972 anthem Smoke On The Water gets the St. Anger treatment



Love it or hate it, Metallica’s 2003 album St. Anger gets people talking. Almost twenty years after its initial release, metalheads from all corners of the globe continue to grind their teeth over the sound of Lars Ulrich’s can-like snare drum, while remaining at arms trying to decide whether the record is actually any good.

Beyond the heated discussions and flat-out quarrelling however is a community who just like to poke fun at the album and its surrounding controversy. After all, nothing can beat a good Metallica meme.

One of these funny fellows is Polar Whale, who treated us (if that’s the word for it), to hearing Metallica’s biggest hits with the sound of Lar’s infamous tinny clatter, by reconfiguring songs such as Master Of Puppets, Creeping Death, One and Enter Sandman in a St. Anger style.

Aside from the snare sound, the tracks were mostly all kept in their original form. But now a YouTuber called Börje Unchained! has taken things up a notch by reimagining a non-Metallica track in the St. Anger style, complete with thrashing, high-energy guitar riffs, crashing drums, and yes…that notorious tinny drum sound (which he pretends to recreate using the bottom of a tupperware tub).

The tune in question? Just one of the most iconic songs in hard rock history, Deep Purple’s 1972 anthem Smoke On The Water, chosen, apparently, in honour of its 50th anniversary.

Underneath the video, the musician joking disclaims: “No trash cans were harmed in the making of this song”, while claiming that the creation was “mixed by a dog”.

Check it out below (at your own risk):