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Expansive and ambitious, The Dust Coda’s Loco Paradise is much more than just a bit good

London hard rockers The Dust Coda come up trumps on incendiary third album Loco Paradise



Three albums into a career that by rights should be long and illustrious, The Dust Coda‘s new one finds them consolidating the work that’s gone into 2017’s self-titled debut and 2021’s Mojo Skyline

Ticking all the right boxes when it comes to classic-rock influences, Loco Paradise sounds expansive and ambitious, its remit stretching from full-on anthemic belters like Road To Hell and Rock ’N’ Roll Paradise to tunes reminiscent of Led Zeppelin at their most delicate, as on Love Sick and The Streets

To say guitarist John Drake has a fantastic voice is a major understatement; the fella can do heartbreaking vulnerability and snarling attitude with supreme ease, sometimes in a single tune: Since You’ve Been Gone (no Rainbows in sight) begins like a ballad before taking the roof off in style. 

Top-notch songwriting and serious musical chops in one incendiary package, Loco Paradise is more than just a bit good.