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Finally, a 2020 feel good story, as Neil Fallon makes a nine-year-old Clutch fan’s dream come true

Neil Fallon records vocals for a song written by nine-year-old Clutch fan Tyler Pomerantz, and it ROCKS



Clutch frontman Neil Fallon has collaborated with nine-year-old Clutch fan (and trainee riff lord) Tyler Pomerantz on a new song called The Joy Of Homeschooling.

It’s not every day that one of your heroes reaches out and offers to record a song with you, so we’ll let Mr Fallon explain how this came to pass:

“A few months back, it was brought to my attention, that there is a father-son duo who cover Clutch and a bunch of other bands and do a great job of it,” Fallon says, in a video introducing the song by Delco Detention. “They are on Twitter and I believe their handle is @clutch2210. The father’s name is Adam and the son’s name is Tyler and Tyler, I believe, is nine-years-old. So I reached out to Adam and said, ‘Well, why don’t I just lay down some vocals on one of these Clutch covers you’ve been doing?’ I figured it’d be fun, and well, why not?”

But wait… 

“Adam got back to me,” continues Fallon, “and said, ‘That’s great… however Tyler has a bunch of original material.’ To be honest, when I heard this, I said, ‘Oh boy, what have I gotten myself into here?’ But then he sent the track and I stood corrected: Tyler knows how to write a mean riff.”

“I’d just like to get this off my chest,” Fallon adds. “I’ve heard the phrase Dad Rock throw around, kind of a derogatory, negative, snarky thing to say, as if Dad Rock is a bad thing. It’s not a bad thing. It’s awesome. So if you want Dad Rock, we’ll give you Dad Rock…”

Now, wasn’t that wholesome?

Clutch recently released a rarities collection, WeatherMaker Vault Series Vol. I. The hard-riffing Maryland quartet will play three sets at Ramblin’ Man Fair next summer.