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Five Finger Death Punch are still hitting hard and pummelling heads

Album nine Afterlife is a reassuring-sounding head blow from Five Finger Death Punch



It might have escaped your notice, but Five Finger Death Punch have experienced more travails than Oliver Reed on a pub crawl. 

Singer Ivan Moody, who struggles with addiction the way a cage fighter goes after an opponent, wasn’t averse to the odd bar brawl himself, often getting in his own way as he and his band struggled to stay afloat. 

AfterLife sees the band shedding their long-term guitarist. Not that you’d notice, as they haven’t strayed far from their head-pummelling, densely melodic, dryly produced, hard-hitting stuff, and in a good way. 

The title track will cause a hockey arena full of punters to lose their minds, ditto the relentless Gold Gutter, eyes heavenwards, welcoming the familiar death from above.