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Former Hawkwinder Niall Hone launches new outfit Lords Of Form

Lords Of Form will release their debut album Flying Chromium Society in February



Former Hawkwind bassist and keyboard player Niall Hone has launched brand new outfit Lords Of Form. They will release their debut album, Flying Chromium Society, on February 11.

“Space rock is to me an absurd term,” smiles Hone. “The word ‘space’ naturally conjures up a mental thought of emptiness and ‘no-thing’-ness and I hope for my music to find a way into people’s lives to help fill those dark voids and remind them although we’re all spinning on a ball of rock in space, we’re all experiencing it’s effects together. Music should evoke a sense of Universalness, so I guess my music is more Universal plane and not space rock!”

Lords Of Form have already released several digital tracks, and you can hear the track Little Victories, from Flying Chromium Society, on their Bandcamp page now.

Pre-order Flying Chromium Society.

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Lords Of Form

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