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Ghost fans are seriously unhappy with the American Music Awards organisers for using a photo of an entirely different band at the ceremony

The seating plan photo used to identity Ghost at the American Music Awards was actually of a band called Love Ghost. Oops



Despite Ghost winning the Favorite Rock Album category at the 2022 American Music Awards for their current album Impera earlier this week, it appears that the awards organisers are a tad confused as to who exactly they are, judging by the photo they used to identify the Swedish occult rockers at the ceremony staged at the Microsoft Theater at L.A. Live in Los Angeles on November 20.

A keen-eyed Ghost fan spotted that the AMA team were using a press photo of Los Angeles’ trap rockers Love Ghost to indicate the seats where Tobias’ Forge’s band would be seated at the event, and now fellow Ghost fans are outraged over the mistake, which they say shows a blatant lack of respect for the group.

The mishap was spotted by a fan who posted an image of the incorrect photo on Reddit, writing: “Ghost won an ama! It’s too bad that their award wasn’t televised, ghost has seats at the amas so they, or at least Tobias, should be there. They got the photo on their seating at the amas wrong though, the photo used was from a band called love ghost”.

In response, one fan questions: “how do you even mess up this bad, wtf amas”, while another furiously declares: “Wow. Just…wow. They didn’t get the best and the brightest for the AMAs, did they? This is pretty hard to fuck up, but they managed!

“I think it’s pretty fucking disrespectful reporters didn’t bother to learn the artist name (Mr Ghost!), then get the picture of Ghost so wrong, when imagery is such a huge part of the music.

“He won his category and they didn’t get anything right. Do better, dumb asses. Sorry. It just irritates me.”

One commenter even proposes a reason for the screw up, suggesting: “I’d guess they didn’t want the masked pictures and assumed these were them unmasked lmao”.

Fans also took to Twitter to show their disapproval, with most bewildered and annoyed over the fact that Forge travelled a long way to attend the ceremony and yet received such little acknowledgement from the company, based upon the aforementioned gaffs. 

“Genuinely disappointed with how Tobias Forge was treated at the AMAs. This man flew all the way from Europe to be called ‘Mr. Ghost’/’Ghost’, not have his award televised, and they put a photo of the wrong group on his chair. Tobias deserves the world, he’s worked so hard.”

To add insult to injury, during his red carpet appearance, Tobias Forge was referred to by a photographer as a “Mr. Ghost”, which although amusing, has further irritated fans who believe it was another instance of the company not caring about the rock album winners.

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