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Ghost’s Cirice in the style of Metallica is the stuff of James Hetfield’s dreams

Ghost meets Metallica in YouTube covers king Denis Pauna’s latest genius mash-up



James Hetfield ❤️s Ghost. We know for a fact that his bedroom walls are covered with posters of Papa Emeritus and the lyrics to Secular Haze are scrawled all over the back of that expensive notebook Mrs Hetfield bought him a few Christmases ago.

But what if he went the full monty and actually covered a Ghost song? Well we kind of have an idea of what it might sound like

But luckily, Internet Covers King™ Denis Pauna – yes, him – has done the hard work for us. He’s reimagined Ghost’s 2015 hit Cirice as a Metallica song. 

It’s just as quirky as you’d imagine.  The original’s crypt-creeping psychedelic metal swirl has been replaced by the crunch of late 80s ’Tallica, complete with Hetfield-esque leonine roar. It’s uncanny! It’s brilliant! It’ll have Papa Hat dancing around the kitchen in his underpants with joy!

Check it out, then head over to Denis’ YouTube channel to see everything else he’s got on offer.