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Gojira’s new single Into The Storm might just kickstart a revolution

Gojira release head-spinning new single Into The Storm – the latest to be taken from upcoming album Fortitude



Even if we hadn’t spent the last year living through one of the craziest times anyone can remember, we’d still be unreasonably excited by the new Gojira album. But as it is, Fortitude – released at the end of April – seems weirdly like a landmark in that it could mark the point where things start creeping back to normal. Maybe. Hopefully.

Anyway, the French band have released a lyric video for another new song from the album in the shape of Into The Storm. It’s a head-spinner of a song, in the best possible way, shifting from the clanging of what sounds like a railway bell to a jarring, unconventional riff to a massive uppercut of a chorus.

“This song is infused with the concept of civil disobedience,” says frontman Joe Duplantier of the song, stroking his beard Gallicly. “Acting accordingly with our deepest wisdom and standing for what is precious and good in this world. The only possible revolution is the one that blossoms from within us. Change will come from individuals. Laws are meant to be bent and shaped to our vital needs. LAWS WILL FOLLOW!”

Change? Revolution? Disobedience? They are literally the three most French things any French metal band has ever said. Tres bien! Etc!