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Greg Puciato’s white-hot rage on Don’t Wanna Deal is extremely relatable right now

The ex-Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist’s new single Don’t Wanna Deal is the ‘f**k everything!’ scream we’ve all been bottling up



Roll on 2021 they said, let’s welcome a year of light and joy after the shitshow that was 2020, they said. How’s that working out for everyone? Maybe we missed the memo, but if anything the doom and gloom only seems to be intensifying, one week into the new year.

If the challenges of the past 12 months have made you want to scream, you’re not alone.

“Do what you wanna,’ sings Greg Puciato on Don’t Wanna Deal, one of five new studio tracks on the former Dillinger Escape Plan / current Killer Be Killed vocalist’s recent Fuck Content album. “Do what you’re fucking ready for. Whatever. Time won’t hurt you. So fuck it do whatever you want…”

In keeping with the apopletic nature of the song, Puciato says of the song: “I Don’t Wanna Deal with having to come up with something to say about this song or video clip so I’m not gonna.”

We’re here for this energy. Do your worst 2021!

The 16-track Fuck Content album features five new songs not available on Puciato’s solo debut, Child Soldier: Creator of Godas well as live versions of ten of the album tracks. All vinyl copies of the album are now sold out,  but the film and album are available digitally via the Federal Prisoner webstore.