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Guitarist repeatedly plays Enter Sandman while wearing more and more pairs of rubber gloves

YouTuber JmapMusic plays the riff to Metallica’s Enter Sandman again and again, each time adding an extra pair of safety gloves



In this week’s instalment of the long-running internet soap opera Here’s Someone With Too Much Time On Their Hands, YouTuber JmapMusic has tested online patience with a video in which he plays the riff to Metallica‘s classic Enter Sandman over and over again. 

Normally this would be a recipe for record levels of tedium, but JmapMusic has substantially ramped up the drama by adding a fresh pair of safety gloves to his hands before each run-through. And no, he’s not removing the previous pair first. As they say, not all heroes wear capes.

By the time the video “climaxes”, JmapMusic is less playing the riffs than he is clubbing at the guitar with his thickened, rubbery paws, but, to be fair, the results are still very much recognisable as Enter Sandman. And for that he salute him.  

If that’s not enough entertainment for today, keep the video running after JmapMusic’s 20th pair of gloves, as he enlists the help of a girlfriend to remove them. “Ewww, you’re sweaty,” she exclaims. “You’re so sweaty.” 

JmapMusic has previously “gone viral” on several occasions, stunning the internet with a metal version of Air Platform/Athletic Theme from Super Mario Brothers, a metal version of Pokémon’s Hoenn Gym Battle, and a metal version (have you spotted a theme yet?) of Weezer’s Say It Ain’t So.

He also makes his own music under the name Exotosis – named after a condition where benign growth of new bone occurs on top of existing bone, it would appear – whose recent album Vandals can be streamed below.