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Has maestro Yngwie Malmsteen finally unleashed his masterpiece?

Parabellum finds Swedish guitar wizz Yngwie Malmsteen’s artistry raised to its highest level



This is without doubt the best example yet of Yngwie Malmsteen’s creativity. Everything about Parabellum sees the master guitarist pushing himself further than ever, and the result is a set of accomplished compositions that cements his right to be regarded as one of the era’s most devastating talents. 

The neo-classical inspirations are exposed for all to admire; Malmsteen even cleverly weaves a nod to Paganini into opening track Wolves At The Door

On occasion he also offers respect for Keith Emerson, as he celebrates the late keyboard maestro in the more progressive guitar passages. Four tracks have vocals, and prove that Malmsteen is now at home in front of a microphone. 

However, it’s the symphonic sweep of the music that truly captures the attention. Everything has been carefully crafted to attain maximum impact without any loss of passion, and Parabellum is a stunning work.