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Hear Slayer, Tool and Iron Maiden classics reinvented as 8-bit Super Nintendo themes

YouTuber 8 Bit Musician’s plan to reimagine metal anthems as Super Nintendo-style themes is the internet as its best



Ever wondered what Tool’s prog-metal anthem Schism, Slayer’s Angel Of Death or Iron Maiden’s The Trooper might sound like if they were adopted to soundtrack Super Nintendo games?

I’s a rhetorical question, we’re fully aware that the answer is, ‘Of course not, fool.’

But, that doesn’t mean you should be denied the wholesome purity of YouTuber 8 Bit Musician’s campaign to render some of metal’s most iconic standards as  cheerful, uplifting and heartwarming anthems for a new age.

So without further ado…

If this fine body work of work tickles you, why not subscribe to the YouTube channel, where plinky-plonky recreations of familiar tracks by Opeth, Pantera, Helloween and more.