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Heave Blood & Die’s Post People is a genre-hopping headf**k, in the best possible way

Ex stoner rockers Heave Blood & Die head off on a kaleidoscopic new trip with latest album Post People



It seems apt that Heave Blood & Die have christened their third album Post People, given how they’ve evolved beyond their own workaday sludge/stoner roots. It sees them combining everything from post-hardcore and post-metal to psychedelia and 80s pop. Rather than scattergun, the results are truly distinctive, with guitars that rattle, prod and heave rubbing up against washes of synth that grow from wispy ambience into huge squalls. Things occasionally veer into ‘U2 Batman song’ territory and yet that’s somehow actually pretty cool, while standout Metropolitan Jam speaks to what makes the album so damn exciting; it’s catchy yet experimental, and ecstatic while at the same time utterly furious.