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Here’s pro-shot footage of Judas Priest reuniting with K.K. Downing at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Watch Judas Priest reunite with K.K. and ex-drummer Les Binks and give their heartfelt acceptance speeches at the Hall Of Fame



Some pro-shot footage of Judas Priest‘s much-hyped recent performance at and induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has been posted online. The performance saw Priest reunite with former guitarist K.K. Downing and ex-drummer Les Binks for a historic set comprised of a medley of some of their greatest hits.

Following the performance, Priest accepted their Musical Excellence award – presented by shock rock godfather Alice Cooper – and honorary induction into the Hall Of Fame, to a great response from those in attendance.

Watch the video below.

Priest’s performance marked their first appearance with K.K. Downing in 13 years following the guitarist’s controversial official exit from the band in 2011. Inducting the band, Alice Cooper stated: “They’re electrifying on stage and one of the hardest-hitting live bands in the history of rock and roll,” Cooper added. “Priest has carried the flag of hard rock and heavy metal proudly for something like 50 years, never wavering or following trends or pretending to be anything but exactly what they are. They are flying high tonight. Much deserved and long overdue.”

In a richly received acceptance speech, Priest frontman Rob Halford paid tribute to metal’s inclusivity, noting: “I’m the gay guy in the band. You see, that is what heavy metal is all about. We call ourselves the heavy metal community which is all-inclusive, no matter what your sexual identity is, what you look like, the colour of your skin, the faith that you believe or don’t believe in. Everybody’s welcome.

“People on the outside looking in to heavy metal kinda look at us, you know, a little bit scared,” he added. “Please. You’ve seen it here tonight. We’re all about the power, the emotion and the dedication, and the love of heavy metal that we’ve been carrying for 50 heavy metal years.”

A new Judas Priest album is expected some time next year, with Halford recently noting that “in essence, it’s done.”