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Here‘s that Slipknot vs Maroon 5 mash-up that you never knew you needed

YouTuber William Maranci has blended Slipknot with Maroon 5 – again – and we‘re not hating it, to be fair



The wait for Slipknot‘s follow-up to We Are Not Your Kind album is clearly proving more challenging for some folk than others: how else to explain the rush of blood to the head which has led one YouTuber to splice together the Knot’s Before I Forget with Maroon 5 ‘classic’  Harder To Breathe?

We jest, of course: said YouTuber, William Maranci, struck viral gold last year when he paired The Nine’s Sulfur with Maroon 5’s Makes Me Wonder, and so Before I Breathe is a sequel, of sorts. 

Before I Breathe joins a long list of sonically inappropriate Slipknot bootlegs. Who can forget Slipknot vs Barney the Dinosaur? Or the deranged alchemy of Slipknot, Eminem and Linkin Park? Or the maniacal blend of Slipknot and the Spice Girls? Or that time Slipknot found themselves welded to N*Sync? Or Slipknot vs Livin’ La Visa Loca, the mashup no one was asking for yet was still given? 

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Taylor has assured Slipknot fans that they’re in for a treat, with the band’s forthcoming album set to feature “fucking savage heavy shit.”

“I actually like this [new album] better than the last one,” the singer said. “I loved the last one. It’s really, really good. There’s some darker, heavier shit on it. There’s some tunes that are actually really outside of the realm of what we’ve done before, but… it all works together. And there’s some fucking savage heavy shit, which I’m really stoked on. So it’s gonna be rad.”

No release date has yet been set for what will be the band’s seventh studio album, and their final release for Roadrunner Records.