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“I will follow him into battle every day”: Corey Taylor shares his love for his son Griffin, frontman of Vended

“I’m just so proud that he has found the thing that makes his heart sing”



Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has spoken about his pride and joy in watching his son Griffin carve out his own career in metal as the frontman of Vended.

Speaking to writer/podcaster Matt Stocks at Denmark’s Copenhell festival, as documented on the latest episode of the Life In The Stocks podcast, Taylor says, “I’m just so proud that he has found the thing that makes his heart sing.”

“There’s no better feeling to me, than being able to sit on the side of the stage, and watch him play,” says Taylor. “As a father, there were times where I wasn’t there, because I worked, and I tried to infuse as much joy and love into every second that we had together. And then obviously, as he becomes older and he gets into his teenage years, there’s a butting of heads, that naturally happens, that happens with almost everybody, it’s just a confluence of not understanding the other point of view, because you’re all going into a different part of your life.

“But now, as he has really embraced his future, and what he was born to do – which I’m very jealous of, because he is a fucking natural at it, I was never that good when I was his age, I was fucking awful – it has brought on this whole next level of our relationship. He’s an adult now, so we talk as adults: if he wants advice I give it to him, and I know half the time he’s not going to listen to me, but at the same time, it’s special man. We talk more now than we did five years ago, when you’re still full of piss and vinegar basically.

“I’m just so proud that he has found the thing that makes his heart sing, and I will follow him into battle every fucking day if I could,” Taylor adds. “He’s such a good kid, he’s rad.”

The Copenhell-themed episode of Life In The Stocks also features excerpts from live Q&As with Zakk Wylde and Halestorm.

Listen to the full episode below: