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If Iron Maiden recorded Enter Sandman, it would sound exactly like this

YouTuber Börje Unchained is at it again, with his Maiden-ised version of Metallica’s Enter Sandman



Forget the pandemic – the weirdest outbreak we’re dealing with right now is the sudden and unexplained outbreak of Enter Sandman covers.

We’ve had the parrot version, the jazz drummer version, the Rammstein version and the big mommy’n’daddy of them all in the shape of Robert Fripp and Toyah’s humanity-startling lockdown version.

Now there’s another one to add to the pile. YouTuber Börje Unchained! has only gone and served up a version of Metallica’s classic 1991 behemoth in the style of Iron Maiden

OK, so he‘s been here before – we first reported on it in 2020, back when he was calling himself ‘Metal Börge’. But that was purely instrumental. This time around, he’s roped in a singing buddy to add some serious Bruce Dickinson-style wails.

The original version was pretty on the money, but the addition of vocals lifts it to another level entirely. Close your eyes, and you can imagine it being a great lost Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son track.

So well done, Scandinavian bloke. You’ve kept the boredom at bay for one more day. Keep up the good work.