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“If it’s not good enough for myself, it’s not good enough for you!”: Watch Kirk Hammett botch the intro to Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters at a recent show

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett messes up the introduction to Nothing Else Matters on the first night of the band’s US tour



Footage has emerged of Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett fumbling the introduction to Nothing Else Matters at a recent show.

The mishap took place on the first night of Metallica’s US tour in support of their new album 72 Seasons on August 4 at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium.

In the fan-filmed clip, the guitarist can be seen plonking out a handful of wrong notes before stopping and holding up his hands in defeat, before declaring to the audience: “Okay, it’s the first show…[Laughs] I’m gonna do this intro all over for you guys again. It’s just not good enough for myself, and if it’s not good enough for myself, it’s not good enough for you!”.

The guitarist then proceeds to play the famously-simple introduction perfectly on his second attempt. We all make mistakes!

While some fans in the video’s comment section are defending Hammett’s blunder, putting it down to human error or age, others haven’t been so accepting.

“Its taken me 30 years to nail that “easy” intro as some call it. For me, its been hard to get right. Its easily messed up in my opinion. But some just nail it. Its not a pass for the faint of heart to get it right” writes one viewer.

As another says: “Not again…the guys need to get James [Hetfield] to do the intro from now on lmao”.

The show featured a setlist of 16 songs, performed as part of Metallica’s No Repeat Weekend event, which sees the band perform a pair of completely different setlists across two nights in the same venue.

For the show on August 4, the San Francisco heavyweights opened with Ride The Lightning’s Creeping Death, before following up with Harvester Of Sorrow, King Nothing, 72 Seasons, If Darkness Had A Son, Fade To Black and the live debut of Shadows Follow, among others.

On the second night on August 6, Metallica again played both new and old tracks, including Whiplash, For Whom The Bell Tolls, The Memory Remains, Lux Eterna, Too Far Gone (live debut), Welcome Home, and more, before wrapping up with Enter Sandman.

Metallica’s next performance will take place on August 11 in Montreal, Canada.

Check out the moment below: