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“Iron Maiden fans are the coolest people on the planet”: what your favourite band apparently says about you, according to this hilarious new video

Slayer fans hate everyone and everything; Slipknot fans think the mild salsa at Chipotle is spicy; Megadeth fans have a victim complex. These are just some of the amusing stereotypes dished out in a new video



While stereotyping any sort of music fan can be a dangerous game, when it comes to rock lovers and metalheads, sometimes, we’re allowed to laugh at ourselves.

It’s probably why this video created by TikTokker Caitycore is so amusing. Within the viral clip, she characterises the average listener of some of the biggest bands in rock and metal, such as Metallica. Apparently, if your favourite band is the San Francisco metal heavyweights, you “like to play things safe”. How dare she!

As for Slipknot fans, apparently you all think “the mild salsa at Chipotle is really spicy”. How rude! Slayer lovers also get it in the neck, with Caitycore breezily stating: “you hate everyone and everything.” Outrageous, we say! Slayer fans love Slayer, for one thing.

Some of our favourite takes include the assumption that Iron Maiden fans are “the coolest people on the planet (but no one knows it)”, Lamb Of God fans are “bad motherfuckers,” Motörhead fans are “old” (harsh, Caity), and Black Sabbath fans are “old (but spooky)”. 

Of course, all these stereotypes are just that – stereotypes, stated by someone that clearly loves these bands too, and clearly to be taken with a pinch of salt. 

So far, the video has amassed over 270K views, and 27.5K likes, so either a ton of people agree with Caity’s ‘analyses’, or we just all love having a good chuckle at ourselves.

Decide for yourself how you feel about the whole thing by having a gander at the video below. Just remember: it’s only a bit of fun.

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