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“It’s tempting to say that we think it’s our best album yet.” Downes Braide Association release Celestial Songs

Melodic prog duo Downes Braide Association also share new video for Look What You Do



Melodic prog duo Downes Braide Association, the band featuring Yes keyboard player Geoff Downes and singer and producer Chris Braide, release their fifth studio album, Celestial Songs, through Spirit Of Unicorn Records today, September 8.

“It took a few years to make this new DBA album, through the various trials and tribulations of life, and Geoff and I are excited to finally share it with the world,” exclaims Braide. “It’s tempting to say that we think it’s our best album yet, but we will let the listener decide. Hope you enjoy the journey.” 

“I am super excited about the release of our forthcoming new album,” adds Downes. “Chris and I worked really hard to create something that was special to both of us, and the result – Celestial Songs. We are certain that if you liked our previous albums, then you are going to love this one. Please sit back, listen and enjoy the DBA journey. All best, Geoff.”

At the same time the duo have shared a video for their brand new single Look What You Do, the opening track from Celestial Songs, which you can watch below

“It starts with a lovely minor key piano piece, written by Geoff and has a mournful, yearning guitar part,” Braide explains of the new single. “It then opens up into the major key of the song which is like the dawn after the darkness.

“I started the idea in Los Angeles at the piano and just sang a phonetic kind of lyric on the mic, one take. I thought I’d go back and re-sing it with a more structured lyric, but I just loved the emotion of the (original) vocal. Plus, the lyric ‘Give me time, that’s all I want ‘cause nobody knows’ seems to mean so much to me. I couldn’t better it really. It says what I wanted to say without me even realising it. It’s quite Beatley, I suppose. The second verse has those big Abbey Road-type strings blocking out the chords. I wanted to write a Something or a Let It Be – no small ambition then! The song returns to Geoff’s piano motive, but this time it’s major. It’s like the sun has risen and we are looking back at a life with love.”

Celestial Songs will be available in three different formats: a deluxe vinyl box set, a two LP version and on CD.

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Pre-order Celestial Songs deluxe box set.