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Jack Hues shares live video of Astrology

Jack Hues performs Astrology from. new solo album Primitif from Canterbury’s The Gulbunkian Theatre in October



Jack Hues has shared a live video of him performing Astrology. The footage was filmed at Canterbury’s The Gulbunkian Theatre at a show recorded on October before a socially distanced audience they played songs from Jack’s solo album Primitif. You can watch the video below.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Prog Magazine, indeed the prog fraternity at large for supporting Primitf in this extraordinary year,” says Hues. “The necessary isolation has been a blessing in some ways enabling me to produce a follow-up album! I hope you guys will get into it. In the meantime, enjoy this live version of Astrology from Primitf  – with thanks and a Merry Merry to all.”

Hues released Primitif earlier this year. The album was voted in the Prog Magazine Writers’ Top 20 albums of the year in the current issue, on sale now.