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Jean-Michel Jarre reworks Brutalism with Deathpact

Jean-Michel Jarre will release his brand new album Oxymore in October



Jean-Michel Jarre has reworked his recent single Brutalism with the avant-garde electronic musician Deathpact and you can hear the result below.

The original version, which Jarre released in August is taken from his upcoming album Oxymore, which will be released through Sony Music on October 21.

“On Oxymore I wanted to do a few collaborations for each single with young and established artists,” says Jarre. “I hope there will be some interesting surprises in the mix for you. Collaborations won’t be on the album and for now only available to stream and download. Deathpact is one of the most interesting projects in electronic music right now, and I really wanted them on-board since our last collaboration.”  

Oxymore is an homage to the late French composer Pierre Henry, with whom Jarre had been intending on collaborating for Jarre’s Grammy-nominated project album Electronica. A musical journey where Pierre Henry’s sounds interact with Jarre’s world back-and-forth between analogue and digital sounds and inspired by the French movement ‘musique concrete’.

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