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Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ passes 1 billion streams on Spotify

Journey become only the second band to rack up 1 billion streams of an an individual song on Spotify



Journey have become only the second band to rack up one BILLION streams for a single track on Spotify. This probably doesn’t need saying – hands up anyone who thought the song in question might be Like A Sunshower from 2008’s Revelation album? – but the track is Don’t Stop Believin’.

Guitarist Neal Schon drew attention to the milestone by posting a screenshot of the San Francisco band’s Spotify page on Twitter, where he posted: “Wow!!! Thank you Fans!! We are Over 1 Billion Streams on Spotify Don’t stop Believin QUEEN is the ONLY other band at this point. Congratulations guys”.

Schon followed up by tweeting: “JOURNEY and QUEEN the Only 2 Bands Ever to Attain more then [sic] 1 Billion Streams individually for ‘Dont stop Believin’ and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Cheers Friends”.

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Don’t Stop Believin’ is also the best-selling digital track from the 20th century, with over 7 million copies of the Escape anthem sold in the United States alone. And at the time of writing, it has a tidy 153,262,858 plays on YouTube too.

Pretty, pretty good.