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Korn have released a Follow The Leader make-up palette, because this is what nu metal does in 2023

Give yourself a glow up with Korn’s Follow The Leader-inspired make-up range



We’ve been saying nu metal is back for the last few years and now the revival has been rubber-stamped with the news that Korn are releasing a make-up palette to mark the 25th anniversary of their third album Follow The Leader.

The band have joined forces with cosmetics company HipDot to create a palette consisting of eight different shades – or “tracks”  – that reflect the album’s colour scheme in “various pigmented textures.” The make-up comes in a CD-style tray.

The band add that the collection is “vegan, free of harmful ingredients, certified cruelty-free, and curated to embrace all skin tones.”

While a make-up palette may seem like an unusual way of marking the anniversary of a landmark album like Follow The Leader, it‘s not that huge a step. Several 90s and early 00s nu metal bands such as Coal Chamber, pre-Toxicity System Of A Down and Mudvayne leaned heavily into the use of make-up, while #numetal and #mallgoth make-up tutorials are prevalent on TikTok today.

The Follow The Leader make-up palette comes on the heels of Jonathan Davis’ recently launched pet brand. Freak On A Leash

Korn join System Of A Down, Deftones, Papa Roach and pretty much every other nu metal band that has ever existed at Las Vegas’ Sick New World festival on May 13.