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Lee Kerslake’s Eleventeen is a poignant, welcome reminder of his skills

Eleventeen by Lee Kerslake is a fitting farewell from the former Ozzy and Uriah Heep drummer



Lee Kerslake passed away last September, so there’s something poignant about his debut solo album being released now. But putting aside such thoughts, judged solely on its musical merits Eleventeen is a fine record. 

Due to health issues It took Kerslake three years to complete, and it’s a joyous collection of eight tracks showcasing his remarkably strong voice and wide influences. Opener Celia Sienna is sensitive, while Take Nothing For Granted wouldn’t be out of place on an early-80s Uriah Heep album.

He shows his more raucous side on the honky-tonk fun of Port And A Brandy, and does a fine interpretation of Carole King’s You’ve Got A Friend, before the instrumental Mom provides a sedate timbre to close with. 

Kerslake’s personal notes on each song suggests he knew this would be his final work. It’s a welcome reminder of his skills.