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Lewis explores surrealist psychoanalysis in new video for The End

French prog newcomer Lewis released his debut solo album Inside in March



French prog multi-instrumentalist songwriter Lewis has released a video for his new single The End. The single is taken from Lewis’ upcoming debut album Inside which was released through Klonosphere on March 19.

The video was directed by Thomas Lefuret and Tom Spectrum, aka Leda Atomica Musique, a collective of artists from Marseille who took a break from broadcasting concerts and shows at their community hall on Rue Saint Pierre (La Plaine) to continue their musical and audiovisual production activity.

Taking influence from his background in musical psychology and the surrealist French cinema movement of the 20th century, The End marks Lewis’ willingness to explore new forms of questioning, both in his music and in his artistic collaborations.

“Theatrical ghosts, TV men, mad scientists,” enthuses Lewis of the video. “A whole bestiary of delirious characters unfolds on the path of John, a singular character who emerges from a fridge to unravel the secrets of his unconscious and, perhaps, solve an artistic anguish.”

Based in Marseilles, Lewis is a founder member of the psychedelic rock band Tense Of Fools, the members of which feature on Inside.

Get Inside.