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Listen to four pieces from Serj Tankian’s forthcoming classical set Cinematique

System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian shares new music from his forthcoming albums Illuminate and Violent Violins



Serj Tankian has shared four new pieces of music from his forthcoming classical collection Cinematique

System Of A Down’s polymath frontman is releasing two new albums on August 6, Illuminate, which is said to focus on traditional classical compositions, and Violent Violins, which will find the 53-year-old musician taking a more ‘modern’ approach.

You can listen to Cyber Criminal and Rasputin from Violent Violins, and Entitled and Film Piano from Illuminate below.

Tankian says he will be “leaking out more songs and videos from both Cinematique Series just about every day until they’re officially released on August 6.”

Earlier this month, SOAD’s frontman released his Cool Gardens Poetry Suitea four track collection of poems composed and read by the singer, set to cinematic visuals and embellish by audio. The singer said he hoped the collection would see “the words come off the page and dance into the auditory canals of listeners sweetened by intimate musical landscapes.”