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Machine Gun Kelly zip-lines across stadium, smashes wine glass into his own face and declares “I’m rich, bitch!” at homecoming show

Machine Gun Kelly pulled out all the stops on the final night of his North American Mainstream Sellout tour



For the final night of his North American Mainstream Sellout Tour, Machine Gun Kelly made sure to pull out all the stops, including some wild stunts and daring showmanship. 

During the concert, held in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio on August 13, the rapper-turned-punk-rocker incorporated a zip-line into his set, which saw him fly across the entire length of Cleveland’s FirstEnergy Stadium’s football field.

Kelly’s stunt took place around half-way through the performance, just after rapping a few lines of his 2010 song Cleveland acapella. 

Towards the end of the night, the musician again surprised his audience by smashing a wine glass on his head. The incident took place as an act of defiance, due to the venue reportedly threatening to charge Kelly an extra $70,000 for every 10 minutes he went over the curfew. 

“They’re in my ears right now and they’re saying that if we don’t stop the concert right now, we’re gonna get fined $70,000 for every 10 minutes that we continue,” he explained, before drinking the contents of the entire glass and adding: “You know what I say to that? We aren’t stopping this concert for shit”.

MGK then declares, I’m rich, bitch!”, before shattering the glass.

This isn’t the first time Kellz has stunned spectators by shattering glass into himself either. After his sold-out show at Madison Square Garden in New York in June, the pop-punk star pulled the same stunt at a party: his Instagram stories showed him telling a crowd: “Bro, I don’t give a shit,” before smashing a champagne glass on his forehead.

Watch the moments below:

Kelly’s concert saw him include a number of tracks off his recently-released album Mainstream Sellout, as well as several covers such as Blink-182’s All The Small Things, performed alongside Travis Barker. The Cleveland star collaborated with Barker on a number of tracks throughout the night, including on Kiss Kiss, Concert For Aliens, All I Know and Bloody Valentine.

Other guest performances featured Avril Lavigne, who was brought out to perform alongside Kelly on her track Bois Lie (lifted her newest album Love Sux), and Willow, who performed with the musician on their joint single, Emo Girl.