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Mayhem celebrate the joy of satanic ritual sacrifice in Black Glass Communion video

Watch the stylishly sinister video for Black Glass Communion created by film-maker Zev Deans (Ghost/St. Vincent)



Norwegian Black Metal pioneers Mayhem have teamed up with film-maker Zev Deans (Ghost/St. Vincent) for a stylish, striking and sinister video for Black Glass Communion, taken from their new Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando EP.

The song is one of three original songs on the seven-track EP: Black Glass Communion and Everlasting Dying Flame were previously used as bonus tracks for the band’s acclaimed 2019 album Daemon, while EP opener Voces Ab Alta is previously unreleased. The EP also features covers of songs by Discharge, Dead Kennedys, Rudimentary Peni and Ramones.

Speaking about his video for Black Glass Communion, Deans says “When approaching a metal music video, some might roll their eyes and think to themselves, ‘How many times do I have to watch a satanic ritual sacrifice before I see something new?’ But for any true Satanist, ritual is an essential part of life that you must repeat again and again with the same sincerity and enthusiasm that you brought to your first time. The very nature of ritual is that it is repetitive, a mantra, a drone that is echoed through different bodies and different times. In my approach to Black Glass Communion, this truth was unwavering. Now, you must look deep into the depths of the black glass and see what emerges before you.”

The Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando EP is streaming digitally now and is available to order in a number of different formats from the Century Media website.

The track listing for the EP is:

Side A
01. Voces Ab Alta
02. Black Glass Communion
03. Everlasting Dying Flame

Side B
01. In Defense Of Our Future (Discharge cover)
02. Hellnation (Dead Kennedys cover)
03. Only Death (Rudimentary Peni cover)
04. Commando (Ramones cover)