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Meet Robert Fripp and Toyah and their magic disappearing pancakes

Oh no! Robert Fripp has a tortilla on his head!



For those of you still aboard the Robert Fripp and Toyah Willcox train, this week’s Sunday Lunch clip is undoubtedly a classic. It features the playful pair engaged in a cover of Lenny Kravitz‘s 1993 smash Are You Gonna Go My Way?. Which is nice, but in all honesty? So far, so meh. 

Where this week’s footage really comes to life is with its revolutionary use as food as a prop, as Toyah gleefully flips pancakes (they could be tortillas, or bread wraps, it probably doesn’t matter) for the duration of the clip, many of which magically disappear off screen as they’re tossed into the air. 

Quite why Toyah is doing this isn’t made entirely clear – pancake day isn’t until next February, after all – but any doubts are surely dashed when one of the pancakes/tortillas/bread wraps comes to rest on King Crimson man Fripp’s mohawked bonce. 

Suffice to say, YouTube commenters are delighted by the film. 

“On top of the nail-biting anticipation of what song could possibly, even for a moment, have dislodged Robert towards the humble E standard tuning,” says internet user Polyinstrumentalism, “this was one of the most entertaining performances as well! Cheers!”

“Good to hear Robert playing blues/r’n’b, love the red Les Paul!” says
Blues Rock Guitarist Mike Sallows. “Great to see Toyah serving lunch while singing, dancing, and putting on a lingerie show. Truly an example for waitresses around the world!”

“Based on this and previous videos, I think that looking in Toyah’s wardrobe you’d find a police officers uniform, a nurses uniform, a maid’s and secretary outfit, plus clothes for many other professions,” adds Mr Kitewine, who may have been thinking about this too much. Also, what’s a secretary outfit?

We are almost certain there will be another clip next week.