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Metal musicians screaming dad jokes is our new favourite thing

Bandmates Andrew Baena and Johnny Ciardullo of Carcosa are a sucker for a good dad joke – as long as the punchlines are brutally screamed



Dad jokes: you gotta love ’em, but just like the flannel shirt-sporting, TV remote-hogging man behind them, they aren’t always the coolest.

Until now, that is. Andrew Baena – guitarist of metal band Carcosa – has posted a comedy sketch on TikTok with bandmate/vocalist Johnny Ciardullo, where the pair recite dad jokes via blood-curdling, metal AF screams.

Kicking off with the deliciously cheesy quip “How does Moses make his coffee? HEBREWS IT”, a crushing drop-tuned guitar riff plays out as the duo chuckle along. Next, Andrew spits “What does a vegan zombie eat?” as Johnny answers “GRAAAAAAAINS”, alongside a screenshot of their Google search double-checking whether grains are actually vegan. Turns out they are, so top marks for accuracy, lads.

Our favourite moment though is when the pair deliver the joke “What do you call a fake noodle? AN IMPASTA”, as types of pasta flash up on screen (including a brief appearance from Disney’s character Linguini from the animated film Ratatouille).

In Andrew’s other videos, you can find the bandmates screaming compliments, cliché mom quotes such as “live, laugh, love” and also promoting their new Cameo profile, where you can pay them to scream at someone you love – or even someone you don’t like. Giving instances where their new business could come in handy, they suggest “Tell your mum you love her, as loudly as possible”, “tell your boss you don’t like him and don’t want to work there anymore” or “give your grandparents a heart attack by accident”. Sounds like a good deal but er, maybe let’s not try the latter, hey folks?

Watch the video below:


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