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Metal vocalist auditions to be new voice of Tesco’s checkout service with hilarious results

Tesco are challenging shoppers to audition on TikTok to become the new voice of their automated’s one metalhead’s particularly lairy entry



British supermarket giant Tesco are challenging their shoppers on TikTok to audition to become the new voice of their automated checkout system. If you’re not familiar with the automated checkout experience, it’s a computer system you’ll find shoppers scanning their own items at over in the self-service part of most major supermarkets.

On said systems, there’s a rather robotic voice that offers instructions and advice on how to use the checkout, such as ‘please check my bagging area’. There’s also an aggressive ‘beep’ that plays as you scan each grocery. 

To audition their customers, the retail company have humanised the computer by superimposing a pair of eyes and a mouth over the checkout in an amusing new video. Shoppers can then ‘duet’ with the freaky face on TikTok, as they practice the machine’s trademark phrases.

One entry, however, that caught our eye in particular is by Hunter Black, a brutal death metal vocalist from Naperville, IL. You can probably imagine why.

“So, why do you think you’ve got what it takes?” asks the machine. “Because I sound like this” replies Hunter, before letting out a dirty, guttural scream. 

Our favourite part however is when the service asks: “And what noise do I make when you scan something?”. Instead of replicating the ‘beep’ sound, Hunter belches out a gnarly ‘BLEUGH!’. 

Winners of the competition will be awarded 10,000 Clubcard points. Clearly, the new voice of the checkout has now been found. Tesco, you know what to do.

Check it out below, and for more funny metal videos, check out Hunter Black’s TikTok profile, where you can also find his own music.

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