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Metallica’s The Unforgiven remade as a Type O Negative song is a goth-metal masterpiece

Peter Steele would surely approve of this doomy re-imagining of a ‘Black Album’-era Metallica classic



YouTuber Denis Pauna is some kind of modern day wizard, a sonic alchemist with a gift for producing pure gold from base metals. Last month Mr Pauna wowed the internet by transposing Metallica‘s Master Of Puppets into the key of Type O Negative to produce pure doom magic, and he’s only gone and done it again, this time re-imagining Metallica’s superb ‘Black Album’-era classic The Unforgiven if it were deconstructed by the late and much-missed Peter Steele’s New York goth-metal grumps. All the drama and dynamics of the original, with added sheen of morbidity and gloom… delightful.

Anyone who misses Type O’s wicked way with a  cover version, from their bleak take on Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl to their beautifully downbeat version of The Isley Brothers’ Summer Breeze… will find much to love here.

Mr Pauna, we salute you from the bottom of our bloodless black hearts.