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Michael Schenker Group’s Immortal is their best album in nearly four decades

Michael Schenker resurrects the iconic MSG band on Immortal, and it’s majestic



It’s been 12 years since Michael Schenker released any original music under the MSG banner. Now, he’s revived the name on an album stuffed with majestic music.

Drafting in a raft of talent including vocalists Joe Lynn Turner and Ronnie Romero, keyboard player Derek Sherinian, bassist Barry Sparks and drummer Simon Phillips, Schenker achieves a quality reminiscent of that on the first three MSG albums.

The songs are accomplished and powerful, while the man himself unleashes stunning forays which memorably embroider the tracks. 

Whether firing through the high pace of Drilled To Kill or taking a more sedate route on Don’t Die On Me Now, Schenker inspirationally sets the tone.

The closing track is a reimagining of the ScorpionsIn Search Of The Piece Of Mind. The first song Schenker ever recorded, this version is monumental.

The best MSG album since 1982’s Assault Attack.