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Oh look, here’s that Mötley Crüe versus Steely Dan mash-up absolutely no-one asked for

Mischievous mash-up maestro Bill McClintock is at it again: prepare to have your brain scrambled by Steely Crüe’s Look Again



We make no apologies for regularly featuring the work of mash-up maestro Bill McClintock on this site: the man’s imagination, creativity and skill in welding together the music of disparate artists in order to create instantly anthemic hybrid songs which quite frequently are greater than the sum of their parts is unparalleled.

If you’re not familiar with McClintock’s mash-up skills, may we point you towards a handful of his elite creations which answer never-asked questions such as how Judas Priest would sound with Rick James on vocals, how Metallica might sound if they covered Huey Lewis and The News or what madness might result from pitting Slipknot against The Spice Girls.

Good, eh?

This week, our favourite sonic schemer has decided to revisit an old favourite, featuring Mötley Crüe‘s Looks That Kill and Steely Dan‘s Do it Again, with a sprinkling of Van Halen and Ted Nugent in the mix for added flavour, and subtly tweak it for his 2022 audience.

Here’s the skinny from the man himself, as posted on YouTube:

“This is a remake of the very first mashup I did back in 2017,” he explains. “YouTube removed it two years ago due to a copyright claim. I believe the copyrighted content claimed was the music video for Looks That Kill, so I completely redid the video using live footage for that song.

“This remake will hopefully showcase some of the things I have learned about music/video editing over the past five years. If you are familiar with the original mashup, you will notice some changes and additions to both the audio and video.”

In we go then…

And if this tickled your ear buds in a pleasing manner, why not treat yourself to a spot of ‘Dantallica‘ for afters.