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Ozzy Osbourne reacting to a hip hop track that samples Crazy Train is comedy gold

This is what happens when you play a mid-00s hip hop banger to a 72-year-old rock star



Ozzy Osbourne is renowned for many things: biting the heads off live animals, starring in his own reality TV show,  generally helping to invent heavy metal. But we’re guessing a working knowledge of mid-00s hip hop ranks fairly low on his resumé.

That could explain Ozzy‘s priceless reaction to hearing his 1980 hit Crazy Train sampled in 2004 club banger Let’s Go by Twista ft. Trick Daddy and Lil Jon.

The footage – apparently filmed recently by Ozzy’s guitarist and producer Andrew Watt and shared by Lil Jon himself – captures the singer’s face shifting from slow recognition through several stages of loveable bafflement, culminating in a perfectly executed comedy WTF head-scratch.

On one hand, it’s exactly the response you’d expect from a 72-year-old bloke from Birmingham who probably hasn’t paid attention to contemporary musical trends since The Beatles were last in the charts. On the other hand, it is endearingly funny.

Lil Jon knows the score. “I think Ozzy is pleased he tweeted. “[We] did his classic proud.” And the Double O does end up looking pretty impressed despite his initial perplexedness. Who knows? Given his latest love-in with man-of-the-moment Post Malone, maybe an Ozzy Osbourne rap album is closer than anyone thinks…