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Reliving the chaotic moment Korn and Slipknot teamed up to play Beastie Boys’ Sabotage live on stage

Was this the greatest metal team-up ever?



Some might argue that the nu metal era peaked in the early 00s, but for a few thousand fans lucky enough to witness one special night in London in 2015, a generation of heavy music reached its zenith live on stage at Wembley Arena.

Korn and Slipknot had united for a blockbusting, nine-date arena tour across the UK that January, and the two metal titans had rolled into England’s capital city on a cold Friday night. What was already poised to be a special evening, however, looked set to stage something extra special, as a cryptic post on Korn’s Instagram account hinted that the two bands might be planning a little cover song together.

Sure enough, after smashing through a rollocking Freak On A Leash, Korn – who were playing before Slipknot at each show – would initiative a moment that’d be forever sealed in nu metal history.

“You know guys,” began Jonathan Davis, “we put together a little special thing just for this show tonight with our brothers in Slipknot – come on out here and let’s do this shit!”

Cue Slipknot’s arrival – amusingly dressed in a combo of their iconic masks, stage gear and casual clothes – and both bands kicking into an enjoyably chaotic rendition of Beastie Boys classic, Sabotage. Unsurprisingly, Wembley lost its shit. The team-up cover was never repeated again.

“Me and Jonathan did not come up with that idea, actually,” Slipknot’s Corey Taylor later revealed. “That was [Korn bassist] Fieldy’s idea. We had been kinda joking about doing something together at one of the shows, and Fieldy was, like, ‘Why don’t we just do Sabotage?’ We all kinda dug it, we got together, we jammed it out, and the rest is history. So, good on you, Field.”

However it came about, one thing was for certain: Wembley had just witnessed something truly special.

Watch the legendary moment take place below. Korn’s latest album Requiem is out now via Loma Vista, and new Slipknot album The End, So Far lands September 30 via Roadrunner.