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SEIMS stream new song Elegance Over Confidence

Australian experimental proggers SEIMS will release new album Four in October



Australian experimental rock project SEIMS have streamed a brand new song, Elegance Over Confidence, which you can listen to below.

It’s taken from the band’s upcoming album Four, which will be released through Art As Catharsis Records, Bird’s Robe Records & Dunk Records on October 22.

“This piece is quite literal to the title,” the band explain. “I’ve never been a fan of the athleticism that’s associated with math-rock, and this is all about hiding simplicity within complexity for showmanship’s sake. An ever-changing rotation of open-phrasing being talked over by a rotation of 9/8 + 5/8 viola, cello and piano movements. As we move through the passage of 14/8 over 4/4, we come out at Theme C – pure musical confidence in its single-mindedness – guitar and bass in Em 4/4 over a “four-to-the-floor” disco beat. You can’t get more rudimentary than that.”

The album was written and produced by Simeon Bartholomew himself, engineered by Tim Carr (We Lost The Sea), mixed by Alex Wilson (sleepmakeswaves) and mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice. As well as Simeon performing bass, guitars, synths, piano & vocals himself, it also features blistering performances from Plini drummer Chris Allison, Kat Hunter & Susie Bishop on violins & Tangents/FourPlay member Peter Hollo on cellos.

“I’ve always loved writing concept albums and after exploring the colour spectrum and its contributions and interactions with itself, it made me think about a similar idea in the verbal medium,” says Bartholomew. “Four was initially inspired by the Myer Briggs indicator of personalities. I always found it fascinating how words on paper can change inference, intent, or perspective purely by someone’s speaking tone and demeanour, and also how it can be received or perceived based on your personality, context, and cognisance. 

“This album is all about unintentionally misconstrued conversations – multiple voices/themes saying one thing, and being received or misinterpreted a very different way, for better or worse.”

Pre-order Four.