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Smash Mouth’s Steve Harwell receiving end-of-life care at home

Reports say Smash Mouth singer Steve Harwell, 56, has just days to live



Former Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell is receiving end-of-life care at his home and is expected to have just days to live.

The singer, 56, is being cared for by his fiancée and hospice carers, his representative confirmed to CBS.

Robert Hayes says: “Steve is resting at home and being cared for by his fiancé and hospice care. We would hope that people would respect Steve and his family’s privacy during this difficult time.”

Harwell was a founding member of the San Jose, California, band in 1994 and retired from Smash Mouth in 2021 following a troubling performance with the band at the Big Sip Beer and Wine Festival at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in New York.

Announcing Harwell’s retirement, the band said through a representative: “Steve has been dealing with long-term medical issues over the last eight years and during his last performance at the Big Sip stage, he suffered numerous symptoms directly linked with his current medical situation. As of today, Steve will be retiring from Smash Mouth to focus on his physical and mental health.”

Bassist Paul De Lislelater added: “For the last few years Steve’s had a lot of medical problems. He has cardiomyopathy and heart problems. He retired. We kind of saw it coming. But we knew we were going to keep going.”

Harwell was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a condition associated with heart failure, in 2015. He also suffers from acute Wernicke encephalopathy, which can impact the sufferer’s balance and movement, cause confusion, and damage eyesight.

Smash Mouth returned in March of last year with new singer Zach Goode replacing Harwell in the line-up.