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Soilwork’s A Whisp Of The Atlantic: melodeath masters take an epic prog detour

Soilwork extend their winning streak on new album-length EP A Whisp Of The Atlantic



Stretching the limits of what constitutes an EP at 36 minutes, A Whisp Of The Atlantic is nonetheless a welcome return for Soilwork just a year after the solid Verkligheten. Despite the brisk turnaround there’s no shortage of ideas or delight, especially from the 16-minute title track, which revels in its audacious, proggy scope. Afterwards things get stripped down for some no-less-effective bangers, with the band clearly having the time of their lives. The double bass-backed melodic hook of Feverish is one of their most instantaneous moments, while Desperado’s shimmering keys and the irresistible stomp of The Nothingness And The Devil blur the lines with Björn ‘Speed’ Strid’s AOR band The Night Flight Orchestra.