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Someone has created an emo song using the famous Ross and Rachel break-up scene from Friends and it’s bringing major mid-00s energy

Grab the tissues and listen to the heart-wrenching break-up scene in Friends…but with added midwest emo riffs



What’s a more iconic break-up scene than that of Ross and Rachel in the hit American sitcom Friends? The rage-fuelled, wall-bashing moment between Charlie (Adam Driver) and Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) in 2019’s Marriage Story? Quite possibly. Either way, both would probably make perfect soundbites for your token woe-is-me emo heart-wrencher.

One guitarist on the internet has even brought this idea to life, by recording midwestern style emo guitar riffs over the famous Friends moment – you know, the one which leads Ross (David Schwimmer) to continually declare “WE WERE ON A BREAAAAAK!” after cheating on Rachel with another woman. The dick.

The mash-up, carried out by a musician who goes by the name Til Now, salutes pretty much every mid-00s indie/emo/pop-punk ballad ever with his latest creation, though it’s far from the only excellent thing he’s produced from his experiments.

On top of sharing silly creations on the internet, Til Now additionally makes “music for people to cry or have fun to”, and has recently released his own new single, Long Gone. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty emo.

Within his other videos, you can find a number of impressive covers (and covers of mash-ups), such as Facedown x Misery Business, a pop-punk version of Harry Styles’ As It Was, and a play through  of Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness performed in the style of an alt rock band. 

Anyway, before we all get into another heated debate about whether it really was fair for Ross to sleep with another woman, or whether or not him and Rachel really were “on a break” from their relationship, check out Til Now’s Friends-inspired ditty below: