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Someone’s brilliantly reimagined Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff as an emotional piano ballad – and it’s officially Fred Durst-approved

The least romantic song ever written somehow gets a moving makeover, and Fred digs it!



When you think of emotional ballads birthed from the world of heavy metal, we’d imagine Limp Bizkit wouldn’t be the first band that immediately spring to mind. Their earnest cover of Behind Blue Eyes by The Who may be their third most-streamed song on Spotify (no, really!), but chances are, when it comes to Fred Durst and his merry nu metal chums, it’s big, fat, silly, simple metal ragers that you’re after, not delicate, piano-driven ditties. 

That all hasn’t stopped talented musician and TikTok personality Joe Altier from attempting to give one of Limp Bizkit’s most famous (and obnoxiously angry) songs an unlikely makeover, however. The singer and pianist has put his own spin on a variety of rock and metal classics in recent times, from Dio classic Holy Diver to Danzig anthem Mother. Now, he’s truly outdone himself by taking on Break Stuff, stripping away Wes Borland’s iconic riffs, John Otto’s booming drums and Sam Rivers’ groovy bass to replace them with a bit of piano tinkling and his own dulcet tones in place of Durst’s unmistakable, yelping bars.

The strangest thing of all? It actually kinda works – so much so, in fact, that Fred Durst himself has commented on the video and shared it to his followers. Not bad, Joe! 

Watch the unusual cover yourself below and give Joe a follow on social media using @JustJoeSyracuse.

Limp Bizkit recently confirmed their long awaited rescheduled European tour dates having cancelled them in 2022 due to Durst’s health issues. They’ll now hit mainland Europe and the UK this coming spring.