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Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard releases indie song Pieces Of Gold from new A24 film

Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard shares indie song Pieces Of Gold as his character Ziggy Katz from forthcoming A24 film When You Finish Saving The World



Finn Wolfhard, who gained recognition for playing Mike Wheeler in the sci-fi/horror hit series Stranger Things, has released Pieces Of Gold, an indie song performed as his character in the new upcoming A24 film When You Finish Saving The World.

Within the film, Wolfhard plays a fictional indie and folk musician known as Ziggy Katz, who on Spotify is cited as being influenced by Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Bob Dylan. Usually, the Stranger Things star releases music as part of his band The Aubreys.

Ziggy Katz’ Spotify bio reads: “Streaming live from his bedroom in the midwest, Ziggy Katz is a global sensation. Katz burst onto the scene with his hit single, Particles of You, a song Pitchfork said, “sounded improvised” and Rolling Stone called, “lengthy.” 

“He followed it up with hits, Mouth of a Liar and Meredith’s Weekend, two songs that confirmed Katz’s status as someone who sings and plays guitar all the time. Fresh on the heels of Particles, Katz surprised the world with Alumni Alone, a deeply personal dirge, which chronicled the artist’s struggles with missing his friends during summer break. 

“Katz’s exploration of these more serious themes increased his fanbase in several territories where English is neither a first nor second language. Katz refers to his style as “classic folk rock” but is quick to add that he “hates labels.” The feeling seems to be mutual.”

Previously, ‘Ziggy Katz’ released a mostly instrumental song titled This Is Ziggy Katz on January 2.

Due to hit screens later this month on January 20, When You Finish Saving The World follows the story of a mother (Julianne Moore) and son, who can’t seem to bond. Meanwhile, the son (Wolfhard) is an inspiring internet star who falls in love with an extremely political student (Alisha Boa) at his school.

The forthcoming movie will serve as the directorial debut of The Social Network actor Jesse Eisenberg.

Listen to Pieces Of Gold below: