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TesseracT’s Portals is now available to rent and buy on digital platforms

You can now enjoy TesseracT’s Portals live experience via Amazon Prime, iTunes and Google, ahead of the band’s new studio release



TesseracT fans can now enjoy the band’s cinematic live show, Portals, in SD and HD via Amazon Prime, iTunes and Google. 

The slick, five-act “experience” – filmed at Lite Up Studios in Fareham and originally streamed exclusively via the band’s website in December 2020 – contains material from the British act’s back catalogue, including tracks from their 2018 concept album, Sonder. The recorded audio and footage was released across multiple physical formats in 2021, but this is the first time it’s been made available to rent or buy digitally.

At the time of the original stream, Prog reviewer David West described it as “a slick and polished record of the djent flagbearers in fullest mettle.”

Says bassist Amos Williams of the show’s expansive concept, “Portals is a celebration of our love of performing. Each act is a still from an ever-evolving musical personality. Each song is the conversations you have with old friends when you meet up for the first time in ages and you pick up exactly where you left off.” 

TesseracT are currently working on their studio fifth album, which is rumoured to be out later in 2023.

Watch a clip of Tourniquet below.